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8th-Sep-2007 07:00 pm - Uuuuh.
Livejournal is confusingggg.for me.xD i can't find the spot to put the layout.xp I'll go upload a user pic. ((:

gonna go walk around 3 or 4 blocks in a couple minutes or so with dad.o_o its darkk. |: i tihnk we'll be walking alot nowadays..

chineseschool;; it was awesome ish.well.you know how school is always awesome on the first day.Hope to see next week.and..hopefully not memorize alot of stuff. xp art class/culture class at sierramont was awesome ! the teacher is funny and weird.xD

xangaa;; i'll probably post at livejournal and xanga..not sure. xp maybe sometimes i'll include more information in either livejournal.never sure. :p

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